Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brad's ToBe List

A lot of people spend time making ToDo lists. ToDo lists are a fools errand, they're nothing but a measurable, actionable list of tasks. People mindlessly checking off tasks completed think they are working to some great future result, but what are they really doing? They're marking time; a steady drum beat of 'done!' onwards to the grave.

What you should be making is a ToBe list.

A ToBe list is a list of people to be in the future. It's a true list of goals, not a list of items to be checked off, but a list of vague, fluffy, unmeasurable states of mind and body. The beauty of a ToBe list is you never check things off, you never need an iPhone app to measure them. In fact, you never 'do' anything.

Brad's ToBe list has the following on it.


1. A great father

2. A loving, caring, thoughtful husband

3. A mensch

And that's it. Three little things that guide my every day. Personally, I wear three rubber bracelets inscribed with the words: father, husband, mensch.

That way I never forget who I want ToBe.

Cassiopeia says I'll never be any of the three, but that doesn't stop me turning up every day and working towards those goals.

Who do you want ToBe?

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