Friday, July 6, 2012

Emails to Steve

When Steve was alive I used to regularly email him on his famous public email address with my thoughts and insights on Apple products and the running of the company. It was fantastic to have this direct line of communication with the CEO of a major company and one of the things that really set Apple apart.

Of course, Steve never actually replied to any of my emails but I know he was reading them all because I basically invented the MagSafe connector. I took a look in my email folder and managed to find the exact email where I suggested to Steve that there was a better way to connect your laptop to the wall. Luckily this mail was on my old machine in as you'll see.

From: Brad Bradstone

To: Steve Jobs
Date: August 21, 2005, 9:13pm
Subject: Latte Disaster


My son Dagwood ran into the room this afternoon and tripped

over the cable connected to my PowerBook G4 and fell over.
In doing so the PowerBook hit my latte and spilled all over
the keyboard and now the machine is dead.

For crying out loud, can't you make the connector stay in

place with something less strong: velcro or something, so
that when your kid runs in your latte doesn't get spilled?
Now I'm going to have to buy a new PowerBook. Jeez.

Yours looking sadly at a dead machine and typing this on my

ancient iBook,

PS His mom's back from the emergency room with the news that

he has a mild concussion meaning I'll have to stay home
tomorrow and won't be able to get to the Apple Store for a
new machine.

See, it's right there? The spark of inspiration that lead to MagSafe. To think that a spilled latte was all it took.

But now that Steve's gone I'm bereft. To whom do I address my wisdom at 1, Infinite Loop?

And then it dawned on me. I can keep writing to Steve. He never replied before, it's no different. In fact it's positively Zen.

I imagine that somewhere deep below Apple HQ Steve Jobs is buried in a tomb in a room paneled with iPads scrolling messages sent to him. Even though he's not reading them he's absorbing them and his aura permeates the campus.

It's a bit like the tomb of St. Peter under the Vatican receiving the prayers of the faithful.

And so I can keep emailing Steve. I know he's out there somewhere listening.

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