Monday, July 2, 2012

Klout is gangsta

As a startup CEO it's natural that I listen to a lot of rap. Within the music business rappers are the real entrepreneurs. There's nothing more inspirational that the story of a rapper who started as a small time drug dealer, graduated to controlling an entire block and then pivoted into a successful rap career. These guys know a minimum viable product when they see it, and have been living 'ramen profitable' since before Paul Graham was Paul Graham.

Rappers are street MBAs and know more about supply chain, dealing with competition, pricing, when and how to give free trials and team building. These are all things a good startup CEO needs to know about. As Too Short puts it in Gettin' It:
I know you tired of being broke just hanging out
You gotta lot a dreams but you can't get out
The first thing you need to do is set your self some goals
Think positive, everything else is old
And work hard, never stop hustlin'
The beat may be old school, but the credo isn't. "Think positive", "set yourself some goals", "everything else is old", "and work hard". So true, so relevant, so real!

One thing that rappers talk a lot about is respect. Which brings me to Klout.

Klout is respect for middle-class (mostly white) people.

I can't wait for the day that Klout respects those of us with 70s, 80s and 90s Klout scores and issues us with a special Klout Kard (probably in levels Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Pure Black for the elusive 100 score) so I can just show my KK for instant respect.

Until that happens I make sure to tell everyone I meet from airline checkin personnel to the barista at The Daily Grind my Twitter name @brad_bradstone (go follow me now before you read the next paragraph). When I say it, I see them glance away (usually at their computer screen) and then look back up at me in a new light. Some even say "What is that?" or just "Wha?" as a simple expression of their amazement at my influence.

You see having Klout is nothing like having lots of miles on some airline's loyalty scheme and getting free upgrades. Airline mileage is just a reflection of how much you fly, and how much money you spend. Klout is far more profound.

Your Klout score is a measurement of you, not you money. It measures how deeply you influence the world, it measures the depth of your commitment, of your intelligence, or your charm. In short, the higher the Klout score, the deeper your soul.

And Klout goes even further. It's a sort of Amway pyramid scheme: as more people follow you, your influence goes up and spreads out and your Klout score rises.

Imagine for a moment a still lake representing the status quo. A stone drops into the middle of the lake and waves spread out into infinity. Each time I tweet I am a smooth stone slipping into the waters of the everyday and spreading out wisdom.

So, I am adding a poster of Klout's CEO Joe Fernandez to my shrine. Joe, you're my brother from another mother.

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