Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One more thing

With Yellow Yellow on the rise it's not surprising that some of the West Coast's most well known investors come calling. Through a friend of a friend I sat down with Peter Thiel and pitched him using our latest deck.

I long ago realized that Powerpoint was sinful and that there must be a better way. That better way is Prezi. Prezi breaks free of the linear 'story telling' style of Powerpoint and frees the entrepreneur to tell his story with the one thing that Powerpoint really missed: fantastic swooping and sweeping animations. With Prezi I swoop, twist, slide and rotate through a non-linear story that represents the real, complex tangled Yellow Yellow story.

A lot of people think that if you can't tell your story in a simple fashion you don't know what you're doing. So, not true. What Yellow Yellow is doing is complex and hard for the competition to replicate. Our pitch deck is too. It takes an hour to explain the lifetime of work that's gone into Yellow Yellow.

With all due respect to Fred Wilson, six slides just isn't enough to tell the Yellow Yellow story. So, our pitch deck is divided into six sections of six slides each. 36 densely packed slides.

Peter sat stunned through the entire presentation, constantly making notes on his Blackberry. He stopped at one point and called in a member of his team laughing at how amazing Yellow Yellow is and saying: "You have got to see this, I've never seen anything like it." The pair just sat there shaking their heads.

And right when he thought it was done I hit him with "One more thing". A whole extra presentation just as he thought the hour was up. You could see he was breathless with excitement standing in the doorway watching.

Part way through he'd made his decision and truly saw the Yellow Yellow vision. He stopped me, and looked me straight in the eyes. I could tell by the way he was staring deeply into my soul that we'd made a deep connection and that he recognized a fellow traveler.

"Took your breath away, right?", I said.

"You know", he said, "Elon's looking for volunteers to test the unpressurized Dragon capsule in a orbital flight. Straight into space with nothing but a vacuum between you and the stars. Truly breathtaking, if you see what I mean."

Without hesitation I replied: "I'd do that in a heartbeat, sir, in a heartbeat."

Peter smiled at me and said as he walked away, "I'm sure you would, I'm sure you would."

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