Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The only MBA I need is a MacBook Air

Welcome to your direct line to my hippocampus!

On Double Stealth I'll be chronicling the life of a startup netreprenuer through the crazy ups and downs of launching and building Yellow Yellow. This blog is all about me, but it's also all about you. It's all about your personal growth and I hope that in some humble way my writings will help you grow. 

As the Japanese say: Ichi wo kiite jū wo shiru. A wise man hears one and understands ten. 

Note that I said 'launching and building' and not the other way around. If there's one thing we've learnt since the Internet was launched in 2002 it's that you've got to launch, to build your brand, and to build your own Brand Brad before you know what you're building. 

That's why this blog is called Double Stealth. It's a new concept I've created that can work for anyone else building web-based business. In the old school way of thinking about things stealth mode meant not letting the public know what you were building. That way competitors were kept at bay until you were ready to launch. 

But Double Stealth is even better: the public doesn't know what we're building and neither do we. 

Now, I don't mean that in a flippant way. After all, I haven't invested thousands of dollars of my friends' and family's money in my kick ass offshore team for nothing. Not knowing what you're building is the new new. You hear people talk a lot about minimum viable product and pivoting. But watch out, there's a trap there, when you build something, launch it and then realize it's the wrong thing you've spent a fortune (in 'sunk costs' as the B-tards, as I like to call MBA touting chumps, call it). 

Double Stealth means you explore the market at minimum cost. Pivoting is what losers do when they realize they've gone the wrong way. It's the U-turn you shouldn't have had to do because you didn't keep your GPS' maps updated. With Double Stealth you don't start out going the wrong way. 

But Double Stealth is even more fundamental than that. It's actually what physicists call a quantum state. By not knowing what we're doing, we're actually doing everything at the same time and so we'll be ready for whatever the next big wave is: mobile, social, social-mobile, social-mobile-implant-radical-openness. It's good to have Heisenberg on your side. 

In many ways I like to think of Double Stealth as the startup equivalent of the Buddah-nature. It's an emptiness which is filled with everything.

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